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About Us

EZMed Inc., the developers of PureWet, was founded by Stephen Romaniuk in 2020.


30 years ago, Stephen’s father, Ted Romaniuk, saw a need for higher quality and lower cost medical devices.  Stephen, joining his father in the medical industry over 25 years ago, was able to patent a medical device that currently saves lives, reduces cost, and is being used in hospitals across Canada.


Over the years while personally using various wet wipes, Stephen noticed that not all wet wipes retained their moisture, most caused skin irritations, and others expired quickly.  Being a pet owner, he also noticed that some products caused more harm than good and contained ingredients that did not seem necessary.  He also noticed that not all wipes were good for the environment.


Today Stephen is proud to share with you a plant-based wipe that is biodegradable, expires three years from the date of manufacture, and is truly hypoallergenic.  This environmentally considerate product is made without alcohol, chlorine, detergents, parabens, perfume, fragrance, scents, and over 2,000 other ingredients.  Its packaging is free from latex, phthalates, dehp, and polyvinyl chloride.


Seeing a need for a healthier, thicker pet wipe with higher quality ingredients, creating a larger sized body wipe that is four times the size of an average wipe, and developing a softer hand and face wipe, Stephen went on to create products that EZMed Inc., the developers of PureWet, have brought to market in Canada and the USA.  Each product and its ingredients are clinically designed specifically for its usage.


It is Stephen’s passion to create special products for people, animals, and the planet.  Combining this passion and his experience in the medical device industry, Stephen was able to create PureWet wipes.  Giving back to the community is just as important to EZMed Inc., and therefore, we support multiple local and global charities.  For more information, please inquire through our contact information listed below.


We hope you like our products!


Stephen Romaniuk

President and founder, EZMed Inc. and PureWet

Instagram: @purewetwipes

Facebook: @purewetwipes

Twitter: @purewetwipe

Phone: 1-844-787-3938

Stephen Romaniuk New Headshots June 12 2021.jpg

Stephen Romaniuk

President and founder, EZMed Inc. and PureWet

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